• Event

  • Claude Monet is born on November 14 in Paris.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, 1886

  • Monet moves with his family to Le Havre.

  • Monet exhibits some of his caricatures at an artists’ materials shop.
    Monet's mother, Louise, dies.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    The Man in the Small Hat c. 1855-1856 graphite on tan paper (ivory wove card)

  • Monet meets Eugène Boudin, who introduces him to painting en plein air.
    Monet exhibits a painting of Rouelles in Le Havre at the Société des Amis des Art.

  • Monet visits the Paris Salon for the first time and continues landscape painting.

  • Monet moves to Paris and enrolls at the Académie Suisse.
    Monet meets influential painter Camille Pissarro.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Flowers, 1860

  • Monet is drafted to serve in the cavalry regiment of the 1st Chassuers d’Afrique in Algeria. Monet is inspired by the North African light and landscape.

  • Monet becomes gravely ill and is relieved of military service to recuperate in Le Havre. His Aunt is able to pay for his permanent release form military service, and Monet resumes artistic training in Paris.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Hunting Trophies

  • Monet starts painting in Chailly near Barbizon. This same year the Salon des Refusés is held at the Palais de l’Industrie.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Walk (Road of the Farm Saint-Siméon), 1864

  • Monet’s paintings are submitted for the first time to the official Salon.
    Camille Doncieux, his future wife, and Bazille pose for Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (the Picnic).

  • Monet suffers depression due to stress over money and tries to drown himself. Monet recovers and receives a commission from the Gaudibert family of Le Havre.
    Monet receives four silver medals for his paintings and moves with his family to étretat, not far from Le Havre.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt,

  • Monet again runs out of money and moves to Saint-Michel.

  • Monet marries Camille on June 28. The war begins and Monet leaves many of his paintings with Pissarro, as the Franco-Prussian War was beginning.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Camille Monet on a Garden Bench, 1873

  • Monet moves to London when the war begins.
    Monet meets Durand-Ruel in London with Pissarro and Daubigny.
    After the death of his father, Monet visits the Netherlands and then moves to Argenteuil.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    The Church at Vétheuil

  • Monet paints Impression Sunrise / Impression Soleil Levant in the port of Le Havre.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Impression, Sunrise

  • Monet decides to start an independent society of artists called the “Société anonyme.” He recruits artists: Pissarro, Sisley, Jongkind, Renoir, Cézanne, and Morisot. Only Monet opposes the idea.

  • Exhibits Impression, Sunrise for the first time. Art Critic Louis Leroy coins the term “Impressionism” after this painting. This is seen as the first Impressionist Exhibition.

  • Monet holds a second exhibition with the Société anonyme and meets Ernest and Alice Hoschedé while staying at their country home “Chateau Rottembourg”

  • Birth of Michel Monet.
    Monet and his family settle at Vétheuil with the Hoschedé family.

  • Death of Camille.

  • The family moves to Poissy.

  • Monet rents a house at Giverny (where he will live for 43 years)

  • Monet exhibits in New-York because of Durand-Ruel

  • Monet exhibits with Rodin.

  • Monet purchases rented house in Giverny.

  • Death of Ernest Hoschedé. Monet paints the series of Meules (Haystacks) and of Peupliers (Poplars).

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Wheat stacks, Snow Effect, Morning

  • Monet paints the Rouen Cathedral series.
    Marries Alice Hoschedé (now Alice Monet) in July.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    The Cathedral of Rouen, the gate seen from the front

  • Monet is visited in Giverny by Mary Cassatt, Cézanne, Rodin, Clemenceau and Geffroy.

  • 1903 Monet paints several views of the Japanese bridge.
    He takes several painting trips to London.

  • Monet travels to Madrid and admires the paintings of Velasquez.

  • First problems with his eyesight.
    Monet travels to Italy and, discovers his love of Venice

  • Death of his wife, Alice

  • Death of Jean, Monet’s eldest son. Blanche moves to live near Claude Monet.

  • Monet works on twelve large canvases of Water Lilies.

  • Monet has an operation for a cataract in one eye, which had made him nearly blind. His vision is slightly improved after the operation.

  • Self-Portrait, 1857–1858

    Monet Working on Water Lilies, near end of life

  • At the start of the year Monet is still painting but suffers from lung cancer. Monet dies on December 5 and is buried at Giverny.